About Great Lakes Pain Center

At Great Lakes Pain, we know chronic pain and understand the impact it has on your every life. We believe chronic conditions require chronic treatment. Dr. Voogd and our staff of pain management professionals utilize an interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of chronic pain. They take the time to listen to the individual needs of each patient, designing a comprehensive treatment program specifically tailored to those unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality pain care possible to get you back to living life on your terms. A life beyond the barriers and restrictions of chronic pain.


Great Lakes Pain Centers’ comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to pain care offers patients and providers renewed hope for relief from chronic pain. Chronic pain should be treated like other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, asthma or congestive heart failure. Chronic pain requires chronic treatment. The goal of treatment is to optimize management of the pain, as opposed to curing the pain.